Mini Challenge #8 or something: don't jump that fucking shark - Manualed the bench by Reo
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entrant in Mini Challenge #8 or something: don't jump that fucking shark
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6.24.10   ArrantMist says:

Amazing. I had to watch this 7 times and loved every second. 5!

5.04.10   Soulex says:

Probably watched it 10 times back to back. Hilarious.

4.26.10   Boredumb says:

Haha so good

4.26.10   Micah says:


4.26.10   Yodzilla says:

best video

4.26.10   Whalley says:

holy shit

4.26.10   yeahjockey says:


4.25.10   lush says:

the offscreen crash at the end makes this

4.25.10   Brightman says:

Christ, I laughed so hard I scared the dogs.

4.25.10   Leyendecker says:

There's that first second when you're wondering what the sound you're hearing is and then it hits you. Voted 5.

4.25.10   SuspectedIdiot says:

You voted this video '5'! Go hog wild!

4.25.10   waspinator says:

best trick

4.25.10   TheOrangeMage says:

what the christ

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