Slappy's Beta Challenge - het (a) by het
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That handplant was so fucking hard, the little kinks in the rail to the left will bail you when you dismount and if you plant angling slightly towards the channel to the right you'll hit the edge of the quarterpipe (or just bail) when you come down. Anyway: caveman to drop in, McTwisted on the far side, crossbone handplant on the high rail, nose/noseblunt on the picnic table to tail on the lip.

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2.09.09   zeroordie says:

I'm just curious, but why did you ollie out of the tailslide instead of just dropping in?

2.05.09   cylyk says:


2.04.09   het says:

Vert lines don't get votes for shit :P

2.04.09   veddermatic says:

Camera work was "meh" around the handplant, and as other said, leaving the pipe (and those odd pumps) sort of killed the line.

2.04.09   CatMachine says:

sweet from GTA:san andreas produces a buttery-ass line

2.03.09   nandemonai says:

drop in + camera angle was oh so visually satisfying to me

2.03.09   empathe says:

Would have liked you to stay in the vert rather than leave for 1 grind combo :(

2.03.09   het says:

Hahaha :)

2.03.09   warning says:

Thanks for stealing muh drop in. pfft. j/k this is the only nice handplant i've seen in the challenge props.

2.03.09   Heterodox says:

I'm sure the double touch on the hand plant was a glitch, but it looked rad as hell anyway.

2.03.09   Merauder says:


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