Hey Joni by Onionbelt
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5.13.16   wjegblrp says:


11.07.10   zelah says:

1:10 and 2:30 were really great. Good job!

11.01.10   rokstedy says:

there was a ton of good shit in here but i still think that the ollie-into-objects-collide-grind shit looks retarded. but other than those everything was tight

10.29.10   smokesumthinbitch says:


10.24.10   SpanadianVulcan says:

I think I just came in my pants!

10.24.10   Onionbelt says:

Thanks, I use Neutrogena Deep CleanŽ Long-Last Shine Control Daily Scrub. This scrub gently exfoliates and goes deep down to pores to clear out impurities and built-up oil at the source. It's so effective, it instantly absorbs 85% of built up oil that can lead to excess shine. Plus, patent-pending rice protein technology acts like a microsponge to continue absorbing excess oil for long-lasting, fresh, breathable skin.

10.24.10   TheOrangeMage says:

ahah, an actual okay wallride early...holy shit at the 180 out of the trick at 1:54...ghetto spot line was solid as hell...second to last trick great.

all in all, i like the cut of your jib. who is your jib cutter?

10.23.10   Somali says:

Always amazing

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