Jaundice versus the Bench by MagicMongol
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spot A bench.
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This is so dumb. I wanted to goof around and try some After Effects stuff and write some music to fit it and then this happened.

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5.13.16   wjegblrp says:


8.10.10   Whalley says:

this fucking rules

7.22.10   zelah says:

holy shit.

7.22.10   TheOrangeMage says:

eyepoppin wins it

7.22.10   Cheezymadman says:

So ridiculous that I can't help but 5 it.

7.22.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Whoa - the music could use a little less atonality, but the editing is kind of cool. I wasn't super impressed until the lady's eyes popped out.

7.22.10   thetruth says:

Years of sperged out goonskating has culminated with this.

7.22.10   VillainBandito says:

This has brought a tear to my eye. 5. 5. 5.

7.22.10   Micah says:

this is pure genius. also :50 to :58 is !!!

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