4 minute comp in hardcore by zelah
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7.24.10   causticBeet says:

nasty filming

7.23.10   MazelTov says:

Best compilation. So good.

7.23.10   thetruth says:

The camerawork is fantastic, but I had to mute the music.

7.23.10   zelah says:

Thanks dude, that's what I've been going for with these videos. I'm glad it comes through.

7.23.10   lunchmeat317 says:

I raelly enjoy your filming - I like how you give the camera lines the same limitations that a real cameraman would have. I've tried to do this in my lines, but I don't think that my execution has worked as well as yours. Well done.

7.23.10   Boredumb says:

Great job Zelah!

7.23.10   zycl0n says:

Digging that darkslide line near the end. Good fun to watch.

7.23.10   Soulex says:

It's refreshing to see clean 180s.

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