Dingo Ate My Baby by Soulex
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Short solo made from the Plazas of the new DLC. Edited on Windows Movie Maker due to lack of skills in CS4 or Vegas. Song is Colors by The Pass.

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7.11.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Avoid holding up on the left stick when you revert. This is what will cause the crouch.

7.11.10   causticBeet says:

how do you get your reverts so clean? Every time I attempt them the skater crouches down so much it just looks dumb

7.10.10   Soulex says:

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you guys are stoked on my skating.

7.10.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Oh, and Seinfeld reference = win.

7.10.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Fived. Dude, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your switch stuff. It's something I'm working on right now, so your work is pretty inspiring.

Revert to stall was awesome and I liked the manual to tre over the water gap. Very nice.

7.10.10   Kavik says:

Love the revert to noseblunt and the revert into a grind especially.

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