miniramp test by Whalley
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spot miniramp park
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why is there no straight up miniramps in any of the three town areas + three dlc areas + training area i mean really

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7.09.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Hey, quick question, probably a stupid one. How did you hold the board on the coping like that? Do you just hold the button down?

7.08.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Physics-wise, it actually seems to be the right size with the right amount of flat. Putting them closer results in speed problems.

Also...ten feet? Where did you get that? Are you measuring that with your ass?

7.08.10   Somali says:

A) You are dumb. Mini's own.

B) Mini's still own

7.08.10   Cheezymadman says:

A) Because miniramps suck.

B) That's way too long to be a proper mini. You need about ten feet less flat between the quarters.

7.07.10   Whalley says:

i never skate black box and now i feel retarded

7.07.10   TheOrangeMage says:

uh there's one in the black box dist park

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