Damnit by TheOrangeMage
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Not only did I fuck the landing but I will never have a smoother blunt entry ever again.

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7.01.10   Scope says:

er... sis.

7.01.10   Scope says:

Sorry to hear about your forehead bro.

6.30.10   Boredumb says:

The best part is that since the camera is zoomed in so far, you cant see much of the janky blunt animation.

6.30.10   3toes says:

Yeah, perfect starting clip for a comp. Just fade to a new scene before the bail =)

6.30.10   Soulex says:

Nice height on that noseblunt. Damn shame you couldn't stick it.

6.29.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Bail footy for the eventual compilation.

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