Playing at the Concrete Playground. by xzzy
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spot Concrete Playground
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Never got enough time to do an entry for the GSSC, but I love the spot. This was a rage-inducing line, it took a million tries to do it and I still fucked it up (the ollie at the end? supposed to be a kickflip).

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6.28.10   Kennedy says:

loved the crail to tail

6.28.10   Crustashio says:

agreed 100% on the cameras - drop it down a lot lower, or zoom out a bit.

the huge ollie to a ledge just looked bad IMO - you should have just done a small pop.

6.27.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Cool line, but the filming is weird. The way you frame your skater in the shots makes it feel claustrophobic, and you can't always see the obstacles you're going to hit.

Try zooming out a bit and try changing your camera angles, and really pay attention to where your skater's feet (and the board) are in your frame. I think that will help. Bear in mind that this is an opinion, though.

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