Simple Line In The City by Stoat
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spot Near Aletown I think
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Just playing with free cameras. Thoughts / feedback / advice welcome BUT ONLY IF IT'S NICE

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6.27.10   TheOrangeMage says:

Yeah, for camera work you should just pick a side and stick with it if the line is generally pretty straight. The less camera movement the better.

6.27.10   jammu says:

Welcome to goonskate. As a rule of thumb, I wouldn't change the filming side more than once in a video.

6.27.10   Robawesome says:

I like the tail tap at the end of the rail, would have been better with just an ollie to 50-50, and i have the same issues with the swooping cameras. not awful though

6.27.10   thetruth says:

Looks like I'm not the only person who had a problem with the camera.

Also, that first grind was a bit too long.

6.27.10   lunchmeat317 says:

I wouldn't quite agree with jonypawks - you don't necessarily have to pick an angle and stick with it, but I would definitely avoid the circling camera you've got going on here. Reminds me of Lakitu from MArio 64.

6.26.10   jonypawks says:

Really, the camerawork is pretty good, except you switch sides of the skater too much. You switch from his front and back like 6 times. You did the switches well, just too many of them. Try and find one angle that will capture an entire sequence well. For instance, your first double heel to 50-50 to heel has 3 camera angles throughout, but maybe just staying frontside the whole time would've been better, and less disorienting.

6.26.10   Stoat says:

Thanks boys. I was trying to give the idea of the camera sort of flying around but I guess it does make it very unrealistic. I always try to avoid flipping too much but I get addicted to flips :(

6.26.10   het says:

Yeah, cameras are way too swoopy back and forth; I know that can be difficult to control but it's worth redoing to avoid that.

I dunno about tagging that second rail out of the first grind, it looked a little sloppy but I could see that being a matter of taste. I might avoid the double heelflip to grind to heelflip out too.

6.26.10   Whalley says:

pretty swoopy cameras but some nice gaps; it looked pretty unrealistic but i don't care because i really liked the gap out of the 50-50 over the second rail

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