Memorial Park: Camera Test by Miffroon
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Yeah I know that bit at the start is a bit shit, I'd just like some feedback as to how the camerawork is.

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6.24.10   Cheezymadman says:

Film the landing at the end, that's all I have to criticize.

6.24.10   Whalley says:

at the point where the skater crosses in past the camera, there's suddenly this massive jump in speed of how the camera pans, which is really disorientating

also, for the long-ass grinds, normally you'd want to be in a bit closer but i kind of like having people pass in front of the skater, it looks more real.

the end zoom is a good effect, but the camera moving forwards suddenly through the middle of it kind of ruins the whole thing. if you were aiming for the cameraman stopping at the top of the stairs, you need to keep the angle for the rest of the video lower, to make it look like there is some dude with a handicam following your skater around rather than a floating camera

the camera panning around at the start is unneccessary and dumb. there was no reason for that, delete the keyframes and start again if you have that shit going on. it's better in the long run

otherwise, it was a good line in theory, and the footplant down the split stairs was unique and cool. try the line again with some more thought and planning into how the camera will move (is it a skater vs is it a magical floating cam) and adjust shit accordingly

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