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short but it was a lot harder to do than it looks

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6.22.10   Crustashio says:

huh, it's another one of those wierd quirks that is explained nowhere in the game. if you hold left/right during a darkslide and flickit you get the dark varial, but if you hold up/down you get the heelflip/kickflip in the direction of the grind.

6.22.10   thetruth says:

I can't wait for VillainBandito to give this a 1

6.22.10   hoboninja says:

isn't a glitch. just do a heelflip catch out. i can do it with just about any grind now.

6.22.10   Crustashio says:

i still haven't figured out a way to reliably repeat this glitch

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