Wallride mini-challenge? by Robawesome
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im sure you all love the idea

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6.22.10   Robawesome says:

okay, footplant challenge it is

6.22.10   danohtwo says:

"hey guys, dont post boring stupid challenge ideas" "oh how about a wallride challenge!!!"

6.22.10   Robawesome says:

you know what? you're right. I completely missed that you said it was "amazing". I genuinely apologize for being an idiot.

6.22.10   thetruth says:

Hey brogurt, u srsly need 2 chill out. Not tryin too shet up in ur bread, jes wnt u ta no I liek whatcha doin here. That's a sick gap, naw'm sayin? I be havin all kinds of doubtfire dat n e 1 could beet dat.


6.22.10   SpaceHamlet says:

he actually thought your video was awesome, genius

6.22.10   Robawesome says:

compliments? that was the equivalent of threadshitting.

6.22.10   Stoat says:

Fuck all these guys I think this is a fun idea!!

6.22.10   thetruth says:

I didn't realize that leaving compliments constituted "shitting up goonskate." Have a nice day, bro.

6.22.10   lush says:

this is a perfect example of a boring idea

6.22.10   Cheezymadman says:

Way to shit up Goonskate with wallrides.

6.21.10   Robawesome says:

it's more of an example video, but way to shit up goonskate.

6.21.10   thetruth says:

Hey guys, I just made an awesome video... let's make a contest based around this video so I can win.

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