I'm retarded by Brightman
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Getting the camera to not spaz out on the stairs was a pain.

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6.21.10   Brightman says:

The grinding isn't the problem, it's going from one stair case to the other without ramming into a wall. I tried it on normal and the added speed made it harder.

6.21.10   ModestMike87 says:

why not just not play hardcore? That will make the grinding a bit easier.

6.21.10   Brightman says:

Oh! Thanks for actually commenting :)

6.21.10   Brightman says:

1) It is in the challenge area, someone else used the second stair case I believe

2) Unfortunately it's not a joke, it IS just awful

3) It's really hard to grind both stairs without getting off your board in between or stopping, and melon or no I would've lost momentum there even if I hadn't gone up, so yeah, that was just poor planning

6.20.10   404notfound says:

riding down the stairs seemed kinda pointless, and you lost a ton of the flow after the melon up the ramp

6.20.10   thetruth says:

I love joke vids, but this is just awful.

6.20.10   thetruth says:

I love joke vids, but this is just awful.

6.20.10   SpaceHamlet says:

are those staircases even part of the challenge

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