every day is a challenge by lush
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its true

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7.09.10   hoboninja says:

nnngnh that finger flip

6.20.10   warning says:

I did this same line, but you did it better.

6.20.10   lunchmeat317 says:

I'd had my eye on this spot and was going to record something there, but it looks like it's already been done justice. Nice line.

6.20.10   puppyparty says:

YOU KNOW I was going to give you a 5 but then I realized that this video is not realistic and that VillainBandito will come in here and put you in your place soon.

6.20.10   TheOrangeMage says:

that fingerflip looked good. timing/rotation and camera angle were spot on

6.20.10   Micah says:

i was all ready to give this a 4 - but then stumble into the river ender made me 5.

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