Big Mess by Onionbelt
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spot University/Downtown
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8.23.10   zelah says:

God damn, dude, this is really great!

8.18.10   SpanadianVulcan says:

Big Mess is right, this thing is horrible!

6.28.10   Onionbelt says:

make one - it's fun!

6.27.10   Whalley says:


shit how the hell can i make a comp now

6.18.10   Kennedy says:


6.17.10   Obamagician says:

The boardslide to blunt is so sick.

6.14.10   Onionbelt says:

thanks. he said "..and I was rewarded by not having to kill a cat...nice..." I guess that means he found it bearable.

thanks for watching/commenting everyone!

6.13.10   TheOrangeMage says:

grats on getting cuz'd

6.11.10   veddermatic says:

awesome, awesome, awesome.

6.10.10   totally says:


6.10.10   daffu says:

This video is tits.

6.08.10   Onionbelt says:

what tailslide thing?

6.08.10   Micah says:

2:23 is so fuckin stylee.

6.08.10   roffo says:

fuckin powerslide tricks FUCK YEA

6.07.10   rokstedy says:

dude you stole my tail slide thing

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