It really does own. by Crustashio
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<3 Industrial.

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6.08.10   thetruth says:

Great job! I'm with you on the hardcore mode issue.

6.08.10   Crustashio says:

it's a fakie (or switch, whatever) smith, it was supposed to drop down.

and i'm not fucking touching hardcore until they fix grinds, i want to have fun making lines not get frustrated over them

6.08.10   jammu says:

The ledge blunt to ledgetop would have looked better with HC.

6.08.10   TheOrangeMage says:

hardcore is for those who want tasty-low pop. not everything requires it.

6.08.10   Robawesome says:

it's too bad that last trick dipped a little, that was some sexy shit. do-over!

6.08.10   hoboninja says:

can all of you faggots who keep going "LOL UR NOT IN HARDCORE WHAT A FAGGOT" just get out already

6.07.10   rokstedy says:

nice hardcore mode bro

6.07.10   Brightman says:

Loved the opening and ender, and the rest too.

6.07.10   Cheezymadman says:

Going hog wild.

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