gap -> manual -> pissweak grind by benco
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this took me ages to land. literally fucking ages.

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6.08.10   VillainBandito says:

No superdude?

6.07.10   benco says:

i think maybe i will

6.07.10   danohtwo says:

and just think all that time could have been spent killing yourself instead

6.07.10   benco says:

so harsh. but lesson learned.

6.07.10   CRKramer says:

oh and the camera. its not good.

6.07.10   CRKramer says:

*all make it bad as

6.07.10   CRKramer says:

I mean, it works as a proof of concept but the tons of mongo pushing, the little push to air down the tranny thing, and the landing in manual to grind thing all make a bad as a video that you actually watch for entertainment.

6.07.10   Robawesome says:

should have late Toga Flipped to Handstand manual.

6.07.10   jammu says:

the gap is ok. rest of it isn't.

6.07.10   benco says:


6.07.10   abs says:

get that tony hawk shit outta here

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