GSSC22 - Aletown Hill - zeroordie (re-up) by zeroordie
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entrant in GSSC22 - Aletown Hill
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I fixed the random black flash from the other video, so I had to reupload it. sorry about that. this took forever.

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6.06.10   thetruth says:

Awesome line!

6.06.10   Merauder says:

PS great fucking line

6.06.10   Merauder says:

Not playing on hardcore is apparently the new pushing mongo

6.05.10   zeroordie says:

thanks for the 1 though!

6.05.10   zeroordie says:

softcore. The line is centered around grinds, grinds don't really work in hardcore. Wasn't worth the hassle. This took the whole week on normal mode, I can't imagine in hardcore. Does it really matter, anyway?

6.05.10   VillainBandito says:

Not hardcore?

6.05.10   jammu says:

That's how you use plywood!

You got bit slowed down after landing on the high ledge, but otherwise excellent piece.

6.05.10   Whalley says:

god i hate you with jealousy a lot for how you treated that first rail

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