GSSC22 - Aletown Hill - Vanchu by Vanchu
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Probably disqualified since its technically 3 videos? I was pleased with this anyway.

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6.01.10   Vanchu says:

I'll agree with all that Merauder & Jammu. I'll make my next submission one line. Thanks for the comments.

5.31.10   jammu says:

Yeah. One of the most important rules is that the film is single line without out-of-game editing.

5.31.10   Merauder says:

Except it discredits the ability to put all that together in one go. Anyone can focus on one trick at a time and then splice them together; talented players can put it all together at once.

Not to say you're not talented, these were good shots. I just think it goes outside the idea of the challenges.

5.31.10   NumberMuncher says:

I would count it since you didn't use three different vids to make it longer, but mostly for artistic reasons.

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