GSSC22 - Aletown Hill - YoY0 (re-edit) by YoY0
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First entry had shoddy camera work and made people want to throw up so I made a much smoother edit of the footy for your bowels sake. Enjoy!

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5.31.10   Pasco says:

Great pops for hardcore, nailing that high ledge was classy.

5.31.10   YoY0 says:

yeah it took a lot of trial and error until i found some quirks that worked. i found that if u lean completely i into the ledge the whole way and while popping it makes you pop higher. also go fast enough and flick fast. and timing is pretty strict. haven't tried with any other slides though.

5.30.10   zelah says:

i haven't been able to get that much pop out of a grind in hardcore yet, but then again i haven't tried popping out of a switch back tail so maybe that's the difference

5.30.10   jammu says:

Damn! you stole my line :) I was planning doing that high-ledge noseslide and that 360 rotation.

5.30.10   Kennedy says:

Ace, camera is much less queasy this time ;) Love the fact that it's mostly in fakie.

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