GSSC22 - Aletown Hill - GSSC22 - A tale of two Ales by SwitchedOn
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entrant in GSSC22 - Aletown Hill
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This is my first vid ever, so the camera work is kinda shoddy.

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6.01.10   Micah says:

less mongo plz.

5.29.10   Merauder says:

hah, more often than not there is 10x as many people who feel the need to say "oh man you're gonna get it for the mongo!" than people who actually complain about mogo.

Line was good, don't worry that it was similar to most, that's going to happen in a lot of spots.

5.29.10   karphead says:

people are going to shit over you for the mongo but i think it actually helped for this vid

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