My first solo. by Blastic
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Would appreciate some feedback, good or bad, I don't mind.

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5.27.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Nice. Great style.

5.26.10   warning says:

You have my 5 but I think if you worked on getting the video quality better it would go a long ways.

5.26.10   Onionbelt says:

Very very good. I'm impressed.

5.26.10   zelah says:

it's good, it is slow though, and the video quality looks like ass, but some really solid stuff

5.26.10   roffo says:

Awesome tricks, loved the nose slides to crooks. Sucks that some of it was quite slow. Some cool camera transitions. Compliment sandwich.

5.26.10   Kennedy says:

very cool

5.25.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Pretty sick stuff overall

5.25.10   Blastic says:

Oh yeah, my PSN name is Dudebears, just in case you thought I just stole this from someone.

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