keep it simple, stupid by NumberMuncher
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Criticism please. I don't like the sketchy landing on the opening 360. I would have also liked to land that 360 in the manual, but that time it lined up better for a regular instead of a nose. That was hard to predict. I tried to keep it flowing and have fun.

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5.26.10   Eanfom says:

what het means is it was a feeble attempt at gaming

5.26.10   Jarf says:


5.25.10   het says:

Feeble looks good, manual to 180 on whatever that thing was, but don't land in a manual out of it. The opening 360 I was not keen on, and the 360 flip to nose manual looked bad, particularly because of the false nollie setup immediately before it.

5.25.10   Blastic says:

I agree. Sorry to be harsh but this is horrible.

5.25.10   Eanfom says:

here's a criticism

you are terrible at video games

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