Ghetto Line by KillgoreTrout
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spot Ghetto Spot in the Industrial District
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Street line. Took forever. Hope you enjoy it :)

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5.25.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Pretty much what everyone else said. Plus this - use slow motion sparingly, if at all. It's pretty overrated. Second, your camera cuts are pretty jumpy. Thinking more about where and when you decide to switch to another camera, if you do, should help your videos flow better.

5.24.10   rokstedy says:

5 for kurt vonnegut

5.24.10   InternetFriend says:

I love footplants too but it's about where you do them. Don't plant on flat ground, plant an obstacle or wall or something. Plant the couch not the ground next to the couch.

5.24.10   KillgoreTrout says:

Nah it's cool. I'm not sure what people like to see on here, really. I love footplants though.

5.24.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Then again you've probably heard all this before and are just doing your own thang, more power to you blah blah

5.24.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Tone down the camera shake and slow motion, the flips into and/or out of the manual, and rethink the footplant, I think is what everyone will say. You're on the right track.

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