I didn't know you could make this gap retry by lunchmeat317
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spot University - Peterson Pavilion
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I tried this again to see if I could actually land it (and prove that I'm playing in hardcore mode, because I'm apparently neurotic?) but I can't. I'm able to make the gap fairly consistently, but the landing's never there. I believe that the first time was a fluke - the landing animation is pretty weird, anyway. For proof of hardcore mode, check my skate.Reel profile ( - the videos are automatically tagged with the difficulty. Neuroses over.

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5.25.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Nah, I understand where you're coming from. Popping in hardcore is weird, because I actually find it harder to get low pops than high ones. I realize that you can get a lot of pop without setting up if you flick fast enough and you ge tthe full range of motion.

At any rate, though, the first landing must have been a fluke anyway, so it doesn't quite count. Bet it's possible with a kicker ramp at the bottom, though. :D

5.24.10   funkyfunction says:

Hey dude, I meant to tell you I searched for you on skatereel last night and saw the hardcore tag on the video where you made it... so huuuuge props on that. It just looked to me like you were popping too high before hitting the gap, but any doubts are put to rest now. Can't tell you how many times I've cleared those stairs only to bail, lol

5.23.10   roffo says:

you would have skimmed the last step or something on the other try

5.23.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Yeah, opening tricks were to prove hardcore mode (if that wasn't apparent) because you can't bil on flatground in any other mode.

5.23.10   zelah says:

wanted to vote 3 for opening tricks, wanted to vote 5 for being super neurotic

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