Second 2 Minute Comp by zelah
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5.27.10   lush says:

you are not allowed to listen to rap what the fuck!!

5.24.10   Eanfom says:

internet rage

5.24.10   zelah says:

Modus Operandi was the last great transworld video.

5.24.10   cylyk says:

sry bro this song already been used in a transworld vid with mike c

5.24.10   Whalley says:

voted one because damn zelah you are clearly not a rap listener FUCK I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT YOU DOING SKATE

5.23.10   Boredumb says:

Haha. Great vid zelah

5.23.10   zelah says:


5.23.10   Eanfom says:

Really? Another woot here's a kickflip down the stairs compilation?

I'm sure it's going to be filled with fives and drowned out any videos with actual interesting content. And I bet you don't even listen to rap in real life

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