Nice little drop (mainly just testing out the adv. free cam) by Orbi
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spot Uni district somewhere, I can't remember.
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Just getting used to keyframes and shit with the adv. free cam. The actual content itself isn't exciting, but if you have any tips for using the camera, feel free to share them

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5.22.10   Orbi says:

ah, okay. I did use quite a lot of keyframes in this video (which is probably noticeable). I'll make sure to use as little as needed.

5.22.10   zelah says:

some parts are a bit jerky, like the first drop, the proest tip possible when it comes to keyframes is "less is more", this line might not be a good example since there's so much motion, but in general the fewest keyframes you can create a line with the better/smoother it's going to look

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