ribbon dancin by zelah
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is this line enough for you user the truth?

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9.03.10   Viscupelo says:

That spin out of the ribbon grind was utterly delightful.

5.20.10   TheOrangeMage says:

5 for tail and 360 shenanigans

5.20.10   Merauder says:

The wavy tail 360 out UGGHHHHHH SO GOOD

5.20.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Great skating, great filming. Fived.

5.20.10   thetruth says:


5.20.10   Whalley says:

god you're good at this game

5.20.10   Somali says:

UUgh that tail gave me a chubby also having to pop up onto plywood is way dumb

5.20.10   zelah says:

it was necessary because you can't roll up plywood

5.20.10   cinosinop says:

the little ollie at the beginning was completely unnecessary, but the rest was real smooth.

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