Waterfall by Crustashio
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The thrasher photo challenge, sort of.

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5.19.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Actually, looking at it again, the freecam camera is really damn good. It's pretty close to perfect; really liked the framing. Very authentic.

5.19.10   lunchmeat317 says:

I really like the camera work in this - it wasn't perfect, but it was really good and flowed very well. Shouldn't have cut to the tripod cam, though, at the end - you could have taken the adv freecam right to the end of the ledge and still gotten the shot. The jump is kind of jarring. Good vid, though.

5.19.10   cinosinop says:

great line. also the end was no camera man would do it. I like it.

5.19.10   zelah says:

I wanted to believe in the filming, but it was a little too out of the frame a few too many times. also the end was huhwhat

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