I can't grind this good, so watch me grind it bad. by xzzy
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spot Somewhere downtown, I have no idea.
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I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get all the way to the end of this little ledge, was unable to do it without the game glitching out. So I uploaded this instead. If someone can get all the way to the end, I'd like to see it.

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5.17.10   xzzy says:

It's southwest of slappy's garage, towards aletown. It's on the street that divides the two areas.

5.17.10   xzzy says:

I'm having trouble finding the spot again actually, I really have no idea where I was. If I see it again I'll do an update.

5.17.10   xzzy says:

Nope, that's what I wanted to grind. It's a mission to manipulate the game into letting me grind the thing cleanly. Hitting the top ledge would have been about 10 seconds of effort and looked super boring.

Sorry about being vague about the location of the spot. It didn't occur to me what I'd done until after I had hit the upload button.

5.17.10   zelah says:

are you trying to grind the ledge above the one you did? because that would look much better/more realistic

5.16.10   pjpe says:

'somewhere downtown' i'd love to help you bro but you're not givin much info

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