Short Loading Dock Line by Dissolusion
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A couple gaps and a grind, nothing much. First foray into the new cameras.

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5.17.10   xzzy says:

I dig the stair gap you did there.

5.16.10   ModestMike87 says:

just keep it far away when you first set the keyframes to get the general flow. THEN go back to the beginning and move them closer/with more precision one by one and you should (for the most part) be able to avoid camera fuck-ups.

5.16.10   Dissolusion says:

Yeah, I was being over cautious with the camera to avoid ground fuckups, so I didn't zoom in far. Will definitely keep it in mind though.

5.16.10   ModestMike87 says:

that is what i was going to say, the camera flowed well enough but try to bring it in closer, especially during your tricks

5.16.10   SpaceHamlet says:

You got the speed of the camera pretty constant and smooth, which is cool. Just try not to let it get so far away from your dood. The two gaps were quite nice, too.

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