Hippie Jump with a Judo Kick by Gordy
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First time I tried working on the camera, I focused more on trying to make it a little more realistic looking, especially since the trick isn't that impressive

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5.15.10   Gordy says:

That's actually kind of what I was going for, a jerky snap from the camera guy jumping down the ledge while running after the skater. If I make another video like this I'll definitely turn down the auto shake, this one is set to medium and it still looks weird

5.15.10   yeahjockey says:

i like the shakiness but like zelah says the camera drop is a bit quick. still nice though

5.15.10   zelah says:

the shake is subjective so I can't say much about that, but try smoothing out the camera drop, right now it looks like the filmer just fell off the ledge

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