Line + water gap by wa27
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I need to start learning the district names in this game.

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7.15.10   thetruth says:

Great line!

5.17.10   ORiGINAL says:

Super sweet line.

5.14.10   VillainBandito says:

Woulda 5'd it if it was done hardcore. Gorgeous line, bro.

5.14.10   wa27 says:

Advanced free; any other camers sucks and isn't worth using.

5.14.10   Paymentplan says:

Did you use advanced free or follow?

5.14.10   wa27 says:

It's normal. I've been doing all the challenges in normal and never think to switch to hardcore for videos.

5.14.10   rudyriot says:

Nice line, is this on normal or hardcore difficulty?

5.14.10   rudyriot says:

The signature striped shirt :)

5.14.10   NumberMuncher says:


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