Mousetrap by InternetFriend
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spot custom park
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8.07.10   PEAgaps says:

poor guy never saw it coming

6.05.10   zip says:

You are so fucking awesome

5.24.10   irs says:


5.15.10   MagicMongol says:

Ha ha! Great!

5.15.10   jzmz says:


5.14.10   Boredumb says:


5.14.10   Marund says:

going hog wild, holy shit

5.14.10   warning says:

I just went hog wild.

5.14.10   Yodzilla says:


5.14.10   Robawesome says:

good job man, looks like that took some time

5.14.10   404notfound says:


5.14.10   InternetFriend says:

I made it, it's not that hard to do. The only tricky thing was building a lever that launched the guy instead of just glitching and respawning him.

5.14.10   zelah says:

What the christ did you make this or was it downloaded?

5.14.10   Eternalmajin says:

Well holy shit, well done. But you did it wrong. There should have been 40 takes where the guy misses the end, or the ball falls off the side, followed by lots of cursing. THEN it's mouse trap!

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