why is there grass up here by Eanfom
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is this like the beach or soemthing

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5.20.10   VillainBandito says:

Hahaha, I 2nd what SpaceHamlet said. The more you know....

5.14.10   zelah says:

sometimes you gotta drop urban planning and sustainability knowledge on a goon

5.14.10   SpaceHamlet says:

read that comment in under the time it took the grind to complete

5.13.10   zelah says:

It is what's referred to as a "green roof". Many firms are offering this style of roof for several good reasons. In addition to extending the life of the roof by blocking it from direct exposure, it also provides extra insulation which can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs of a building. In addition to economic benefits, the soil and root structures on the roof help capture rain water in urban areas that would normally be lost to storm drains.

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