Flippin Out and Droppin In by NumberMuncher
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spot Parking Garage Roof Top
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My camera man is a pussy. This is my favorite spot. Working on another line that incorporates the 360 flip into manual down the ramp. Going to stay up high though. I was pointing a PERFECT direction to that little kicker after the tailslide and couldn't resist

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5.13.10   Blaze says:

i would recommend not flipping out of the manual at all. a nice smooth transition into the flat would look much cleaner.

5.13.10   NumberMuncher says:

Did I seriously?

I really tried on that, my controller didn't vibrate or anything.

5.13.10   VillainBandito says:

Dragged the manuel! Oh no!

5.13.10   NumberMuncher says:

When I redo the line I am going to turn that 360 shuv into an inward heelflip

5.13.10   Paymentplan says:

Not too bad. Only thing I didn't like was the manual-360 shuv and some of the camera angles.

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