Chan Center Prop Line by FabianWarlock
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spot Chan Center
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Best of four good takes after a half hour of screw ups. Amazing how much easier it can get after you nail it. As always, input appreciated.

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5.13.10   FabianWarlock says:

In my defense, this was meant to be a demo video, skate.reel swallowed it up when the game launched. I thought it was way better than my first upload, so I redid it. Hardcore it is from now on, no reason not to with the time limit gone.

5.12.10   VillainBandito says:

My input: Skate hardcore.

5.12.10   Paymentplan says:

Was this in hardcore? If so, that manny to grind on the dumpster or whatever was sexy. If not, FUCK YOU

5.12.10   roffo says:

you have the full game yet you're still skating that shitty spot, i hate you

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