5 in 1 at the Coby Chan Plaque by Kazoku002
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spot Coby Chan Plaque
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Filmed in the Skate 3 Demo. PAX East Deck Contest Entry

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5.14.10   Kazoku002 says:

Yeah, thanks for the heads up Paymentplan!

5.12.10   Paymentplan says:

Well hay there

5.12.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Wha? Why? They aren't even realish "getting your balance" landings, they're just sideways

5.12.10   Kazoku002 says:

That's kind of what I was going for. Especially that last one.

5.12.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Well, maybe just 3 of them actually

5.12.10   SpaceHamlet says:

4/5 landings were incredibly sketchy! Kinda liked what you were gettin at though

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