Cave Pad 2 of 2 by JWhispers
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this one is more flippy. 360 flip > nose manual> bs noseblunt bigspin out.

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5.11.10   Somali says:

Oh god that's it. Thanks a ton.

5.11.10   JWhispers says:

Somali: You have to powerslide towards the edge of the ledge while in a manual/nose manual and do the motion for a blunt/noseblunt.

Also, it seems like it's possible to do Daewon style bluntslides on angled flat surfaces in Skate 3 if you manual powerslide and hold down on the right stick with enough momentum.

5.11.10   Somali says:

I have never been able to do it so I always love these videos. Any tips on doing them?

5.10.10   Paymentplan says:

The manny to blunt will always look unnatural to me. It's a neat trick though.

5.10.10   3toes says:

I like this line better than the first, but I prefer the cam being ahead like the first... but maybe a little closer in.

5.10.10   het says:

The lighting makes it tough to see the bigspin out but I definitely liked this vid/angle better

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