frontside flip gap - kickflip nose slide by causticBeet
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5.10.10   jammu says:

In full game, it is all about advanced free-cam.

Others might be occasionally used for novelty, but free-cam can is so versatile and look most natural.

5.09.10   VillainBandito says:

I can dig it, but the shake almost ruins it.

5.09.10   causticBeet says:

Suggestions for camera work? I figure working with Advanced Follow in full game. And thanks, the run up to the gap is rough, especially combined with pedestrian AI

5.09.10   het says:

Yeah, consider different cameras but nice gap.

5.09.10   SYB says:

Thats frontside.

5.09.10   jammu says:

Man, I'm starting to hate shake-cam

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