SK8-bit - not your regular goonskate video by Blaze
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this was a school project. the concept was to create an announcement trailer for a fake video game. SK8-bit is a 3D "game" with a 2D pixel art visual style thing. the footage was rotoscoped BY HAND in photoshop; no crazy video filters or anything like that. i used after effects for the transitions and composing the final piece. original video content from Skate 2 and the Skate 3 demo. music by Chalices of the Past ( sound effects by HardPCM (

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6.07.10   hjalmar000 says:


5.13.10   Blaze says:

no sir. i don't know the name of the area, but the original footage is from this video:

5.13.10   404notfound says:

more specifically, 0:28 to 0:38

5.13.10   404notfound says:

are those the two rails from the community center at the 0:32 mark?

5.11.10   Zanetsu says:

This can't be topped. Ever.

5.09.10   GasparLewis says:

Oh shit! (Helps that the original footy looks like it was boss, too!)

5.06.10   MagicMongol says:

Dang! Nice work!

5.05.10   666 says:

fuck kid, that rules!

5.05.10   emerica says:

love it

5.05.10   Micah says:

you win at Goonskate

5.05.10   Merauder says:

Holy damn, awesome.

5.04.10   wa27 says:


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