MC9 - S3 Demo Training Areas - ModestMike87 sorta maybe interesting by ModestMike87
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entrant in MC9 - S3 Demo Training Areas
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sort of maybe kind of interesting line, training grounds are boring

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5.05.10   thetruth says:

Great opening trick!

5.04.10   ModestMike87 says:

the starting manual is just to get forward to the half-pipe lip so i could do the other trick, and the one at the end was a mistake!

5.04.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Some crazy inventive shit in here

5.04.10   Whalley says:

nice camerawork but i don't understand why half the tricks are what they are, and the starting and ending manuals don't make sense to me

5.04.10   roffo says:

that nose 180 thing was badass.

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