Just a pretty basic line by Orbi
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My first serious line video. It ended up looking worse than I thought, oh well. Kickflip over the grass, nose manual to fs pop shuvit underflip into a nose manual, kickflip, powerslide finish.

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4.27.10   cylyk says:


4.27.10   TheOrangeMage says:

I think what cylyk means is he wants you do fuck off and die BECAUSE you did what zelah was talking about.

4.27.10   cylyk says:

that is not what i meant

4.27.10   zelah says:

I think what cylyk means is you normally don't want to use manuals in such a fashion. what with the winding and whatnot. if you'd done heelflip nose manual and then fs pop shoveit underflip off the corner of the corner instead of winding around it would have looked much cleaner.

4.27.10   Orbi says:

Thanks! I appreciate it.

4.27.10   cylyk says:

you suck

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