Mini Challenge #8 or something: don't jump that fucking shark - Mini Challenge #8 - Flippin' Rad by Normalman
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entrant in Mini Challenge #8 or something: don't jump that fucking shark
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The AI skaters do the same trick on this thing every time they come up to it. You notice after doing approximately a billion takes.

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4.25.10   angryhead says:

tony hawk: pro skater

4.25.10   het says:

This took more than one take?

4.25.10   danohtwo says:

goddamn thats stupid looking

4.25.10   Robawesome says:

kill yourself

4.25.10   Blaze says:

I saw what you did on my entry; that's funny. So let me clarify.

If you had started with the smith or whatever and then popped into the bs tail, and then maybe flip tricked out, it could have looked nice. But flip trick, grind, flip trick, grind, grind, flip trick is super congestive and random looking.

4.25.10   Blaze says:

flip trick flip trick flip trick

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