Uptop Line by Dissolusion
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FS Blunt -> Hardflip to Manual to 180 -> Ollie to Manual -> Kickflip Underflip

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4.22.10   wa27 says:

I probably would have spawned some sort of object to fill the time in the middle, even if it's just that big recycling bin or something to use as a manny pad.

I liked the blunt behind the bench.

4.22.10   Dissolusion says:

Taken into account. Thanks Dan.

4.22.10   danohtwo says:

hardflip 360s look awful the manual was pretty much pointless, manuals on flat just look dumb and out of place, the underflip was okay the blunt was kind of weird, it really killed your momentum i feel like you were grinding too long or something

4.22.10   NumberMuncher says:

I prefer flipping into manuals rather than out of them, but I am a shitty skater in game and a nonskater in real life. I thought it looked more fluid than your two challenge lines.

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