possible entry by wa27
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Should this replace my old entry?

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10.18.13   temax says:

very nice :)))

10.18.13   temax says:

nice :)

10.18.13   temax says:

yeets Uhhhh

4.25.10   Kaveman says:

This one is way more interesting, use this.

4.20.10   ModestMike87 says:

i like this one a lot better personally

4.20.10   zukev says:

I'd say make this your entry.

4.20.10   dallasblue says:

ewwwww a varial flip, what the hell bro, what were you thinking? there is no way you did that on purpose.

4.19.10   rudyriot says:

I liked the old lady watching you, that made me laugh. Didn't like the last trick, looked like a ballet move.

4.19.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Voting yes but what do I know

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