OHGOD neck compression by veddermatic
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This cracks me up every time. I still don't know what I bailed on.

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12.11.07   Reallycoolname says:

And as you can see, when launched with sufficient velocity, skaters CAN break through a wall!

Myth busted?

Myth busted.

11.15.07   Irate says:

Invisble Obstacle - 1

veddermatic - 0

10.22.07   djsiren says:

I can just hear the vertebrae snapping. Well done.

10.22.07   InternetFriend says:

I may be a little tired of megaramp videos but goddamn that is disgusting, good work on that.

10.19.07   Yodzilla says:


10.18.07   unioncarbide says:

You touched a patch of grass, which at your speed was probably enough to kill you.

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