GSSC DEMO - het by het
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Melon over the grass/sculpture gap, nosegrind on the rail, manual on the dumpster, varial heel on the flat, feeble down the ending rail. I know I've given people shit for compulsive pushing in the past but it felt right here.

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4.18.10   veddermatic says:

Not your best. Very "I put some stuff in a row and skated on it" line... seems much more contrived than most of your vids.

4.18.10   danohtwo says:

compulsive pushing VOTED ONE

4.18.10   het says:

It's pretty obvious given how sparse the area is that they're intending you to drop objects. Also I only dropped 2 of the objects, the bike rack was moved from a location in which it was totally unusable in a line so I can't really see the problem with it.

4.17.10   Paymentplan says:

I guess I feel weird about watching clips with lots of object dropper stuff in it, but most of the obvious lines in the demo have been shot to death.

4.17.10   het says:

Yeah, pretty much, everything bleeds off speed so much.

4.17.10   ModestMike87 says:

i think there will be a lot more pushing in hardcore in general now.

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