freeskate by TheOrangeMage
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spot The Rez - Top of Urban Rez - Down to GvR
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3.05.10   Bobbitron says:

I got halfway through the video before I noticed that all the spots flow into each other. Awesome concept, even better execution.

3.05.10   Kaveman says:

best camera work on goonskate

well done

3.05.10   SpaceHamlet says:

Yep, ok, let's hear it one last time for Sakte 2 I guess

3.05.10   Whalley says:

if i was not on a netbook i would be doing a compilation like yours because stop being awesome at this

3.05.10   Kennedy says:

Fantastic, best compilation on GS. So chilled and smooth.

3.04.10   karphead says:

i kind of want to do a compilation like this but my bg music would be some serious drone and it would all be in slo mo and eight hours long and you could only see it in art houses

3.04.10   thetruth says:

Trash cans will never be the same

3.04.10   zelah says:

I can't believe you used New Radicals. I need to step my comp song game.

3.04.10   lush says:

diggin the trash can spots

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